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Name:Breanne Danvers
Birthdate:Jul 13
Location:Bear Valley, New York, United States of America

Born in Baton Rouge, Bree and her brother were out playing in the bayous when they were attacked by a large, furred creature -- something the locals referred to as a rougarou (a word Bree still uses to describe herself, even now). Scared and alone, the two went through the change together. She doesn't remember much about that first time, but she does remember the pain and Clay pleading for her not to die. Clay's plea and their connection as twins is credited for the reason she survived that change. For there is something about the bond twins have that is yet to be understood, the way they carry a piece of each other inside of them. That piece of Clay saved her.

Just as Jeremy saved them both when he found them, taking them back to Stonehaven and adopting them. It is rare that Bree thinks about her biological parents anymore, but she occasionally has her moments. Why didn't they come looking? Why did they just abandon them? It's not a road she likes to go down.

Growing up with the pack, the twins became very close to Nick Sorrentino. In fact, both would easily consider him to be their best friend. But as they grew older, Bree began to look at Nick as more than a friend. She was in love with him. This revelation (and the two of them sharing a kiss) began an on-again/off-again dance that continues even today. It seems no matter who else the two of them date, or who else they sleep with, they always seem to come back to each other.

When Clay went to teach in Toronto, Bree remained at Stonehaven. The two kept in touch, though, and she visited as often as their schedules would allow. She was on the trip with Pete and Nick the day Elena showed up at Clay's office.

Bree's feelings on Elena are mixed. She likes her. A lot. Likes her and Clay together. But she sometimes can't help but feel responsible for a lot of their problems. She can't help but wonder if her and Nick getting closer was the reason Clay went to Toronto in the first place; that he was beginning to feel shut out of what had, until not long before, always been a threesome. And she knows that she is the reason Clay thought biting Elena would save her. She survived, so why wouldn't Elena.

At the start of Season One, Bree is at Stonehaven with the rest of the pack -- reunited with her brother and helping him work through his hurt at Elena leaving. And things are just about starting to seem normal again when all hell breaks loose.

[Disclaimer: OC in the BITTEN fandom; based solely on the TV series as the Mun has yet to read the books. Both Mun and Muse are 21+. For my take on female werewolves, please see this post.]
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